In early 2014 I was tasked to travel with musician IMMERZE and his entourage to document his travels through Asia to perform at the first of it's kind large format music festival in the Philippines, 7107. From Causeway Bay, HK to Clark, Philippines I transformed the footage into the music video presented here. 

The song's message is about his relocation from home (Toronto) to Vancouver. A distance of approximately 4500km. The significance of this is IMMERZE's pursuit of success and willingness to take whatever steps necessary to achieve his goals.

Unfortunately, 7107 saw it's first and last event, so capturing these moments is even more special now looking back. The video features cameos by local public figures in Manila as well as notable artists such as Kendrick Lamar and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Beyond being a music video, this was an amazing personal experience that didn't feel like work for one moment. 

Concept, Camera Op, Art Direction, Editing, Post Production, Graphics